• q2 2017
    R&D existing blockchains
  • q3 2017
    Position paper V.1
    Describe system architecture
  • q4 2017
    Assemble the core dev team
  • q1 2018
    Implement the network protocol
  • q2 2018
    Implement PoW and PoA nodes
  • q3 2018
    Launch the test net alpha (Genesis).
    PoA rewards tests.
    Blockchain explorer.
    Airdrop phase 1
  • q4 2018
    Development prototype for test net beta.
    Academical research: Trinity protocol with ID based cryptography and anonymous transactions
  • q1 2019
    Launch the test net beta (Neuro).
    PoW, PoA, PoS rewards.
    Trinity consensus algorithm.
    Implementation ID based cryptography.
    Create first smart contracts use cases for partner Dapps (VPN)
  • q2 2019
    Publishing cycle of academic papers in peer-reviewed journals (WoS, Scopus).
    Staking system for PoA nodes.
    Launching an ecosystem scaling program.
    Android miner app release.
    SWAP ENQ native to ENQ (ERC20).
    Web wallet.
  • q3 2019
    Release decentralized referral program.
    Collect statistical data.
    Optimization PoA algorithm, blockchain explorer, wallets.
    Maintaining system health.
    Android wallet (Play Market) release.
    Integration ENQ(ERC20) token to cold, hot wallets and payments providers.
    Finalization and tests of the crypto curve for Trinity protocol.
  • q4 2019
    iOS wallet release.
    Release PoW v.1.0 nodes.
    Release PoS nodes.
    Release main net alpha (Trinity).
    Publishing nodes API and documentation.
    White paper v2.0.
  • q1 2020
    SHARNELL smart contracts.
    Smart staking v1.0 (Alice).
    Tokens issue (ENQ standard).
    Integration ENQ standard tokens to crypto exchanges.
    Start burning ENQ tokens format ERC20.
  • q2 2020
    Release PoW v.2.0 (ASIC resistant).
    Developing SDK for Smart contracts.
    Mining token issue (ENQ standard).
    Smart staking v2.0 (Bob).
    Release Enecuum v1.0 (Pulse).
  • q3 2020
    Payment system for online shops (server less).
    Hyper DAG implementation.
    Digital resources marketplace solutions (VPN, DEX, storage).
  • q4 2020
    Publication of the governance model.
    Private blockchain solution.
    Side-chain Hub test net.