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Hybrid Consensus Algorithm
3 Mining Stages
Proof of Workarrow
Proof of Work

Proof of Work at Enecuum is based on an improved version of the Bitcoin-NG protocol modified for effective mining of many block of different types in parallel. This approach ensures high scalability the system.

A custom version of the Cryptonight protocol (Keccak + AES + X11) aims to defend the system against centralization caused by Application-Specific Integrated Circuit devices.

PoW miners calculate the block hash and hold their macroblocks open for PoA miners to fill it with microblocks containing transactions.

Proof of Activityarrow
Proof of Activity

Proof of Activity at Eneecum is proposed to be applied at two different stages.

First, PoA miners reach consensus to form teams of 64 participants. Second, every team validates a chain of 62 microblocks with 40 transaction each and publish them into the network - to the blocks opened by the PoW miners.

PoA mining at Enecuum requires a wide and steady Internet connection, but low computational power and can be performed on mobile devices.

Proof of Stake
Proof of Stake

PoS miners continuously re-check balances of all wallets in the system.

The reward for PoS mining is flexible. The system defines the minimum and maximum balance thresholds outside of which a miner is not able to gain any reward.

Phone Mining
With Enecuum, you'll be able to perform PoA mining on your phone approving transactions and validating blocks. The reward for PoA mining is equal to the reward received by PoW miners. Effective mining with little computational power.
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