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  • Hybrid consensus algorithm
  • SHARNELL smart contracts
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Blockchain of tomorrow
Enecuum allows each smartphone owner to become part of a global network and get rewarded for it. Crypto technologies should not belong to a small community of technological elite. On the contrary, everyone should have the opportunity to become part of a beautiful future. We make access to this advanced technology simple and easy. This is what the Blockchain of Tomorrow should be.
  • 2015
    Launch the project. Analyse existing blockchains for critical problems and ways to solve them.
  • 2017
    Assemble the core development team.
  • q1 2018
    Implement the network protocol, RPC API, wallets.
  • q2 2018
    Implement PoW and PoA.
  • q3 2018
    Launch the TestNet. Implement PoS.
  • q4 2018
    Implement Smart Contracts on Petri Nets and start working on SHARNELL Smart Contracts.
  • q1 2019
    Create a gateway for automatic transfer of smart contracts from other systems to Enecuum.
  • q2 2019
    Continuously improve the protocol.
Ecosystem and business partners
Legal advisor
We are member of Fintech Association of Hong Kong